Created for Global Game Jam 2022

Theme: Duality


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Woah this game is HARD! But what a cool idea of flipping around and aiming different guns!

Would've been nice if there aim lines (laser sights?) for each gun, and your cursor was a red aiming reticule.

Love the intensity of the ghosts approaching. This has the high difficulty, but easy to learn and understand that popular difficult mobile games like Flappy Bird or Jetpack Joyride have.

With some extra juice of screen shake, glowing muzzle flashes and gratuitous impact effects I could see this being popular on mobile.

Stretch feature: What if your guns ran out of ammo and you had to click a bunch to reload one bullet at a time? Even more stressful!

Catchy music, and powerups are a great addition.

Excellent game jam entry!